Urolka is 100% Pure, Natural & Free from artificial Colour , Flavours and Sugar.

Benefits of Urolka:

  • Soothes Urinary Tract and regulates Urinary pH
  • Helps prevent Recurrence in UTI & Urinary Stones
  • Relieves symptoms of UTI within few minutes
  • A natural Lithotriptic acting Multi-dimensionally
  • Acts as Nephroprotective
  • Helps to relieve kidney stone



Adults: 2 teaspoonful, thrice a day or as directed by physician.


Urolka is an aqueous decoction of below mentioned herbs such as:

Punarnawa Ext. Shwet Parpati, Moolikshar, Sheetal Chini Ext., Gokhru Ext. Kultha Ext., Pashan Bhed Ext., Varun Ext., Palash Ext., Sahdevi Ext., Lajloo Ext., Daruharidra Ext., Shwet Channdan, etc.


Urinary Tract Infection, Burning Micturition, Renal Calculi, Kidney Stone.

CAUTION: To be taken under medical supervision.

PACKING: 200ml

Urolka is the most trusted ayurvedic medicine for urinary tract infections, burning micturition, and renal calculi. Urolka is one of the top ayurvedic proprietary medicines to normalize the deviated functioning of kidneys either due to metabolism or due to chronic infection or due to any other cause. It is an effective herbal remedy helps in dysuria, kidney stones and act as alkalizer.


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