Touch Prash 125gm( Pack of 2) +Get Golden Knight capsule (5) Free

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Touch prash is an Unani herbal drug formulation. It might addresses the issues related to male sexual debilities such as early ejaculation and weak erection etc.

Golden Knight contains a special blend of natural herbs and extracts which might improve sexual problems. Golden Knight Capsules In the Management of Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation & Loss of Libido About Pakiza Unani Golden Knight Capsules Golden Knight is a health supplement specially formulated for boosting fitness in men. Enriched with a blend of clinically proven standardized herbal extracts, it helps in boosting the natural production of testosterone in men. It contains powerful antioxidants and performance-enhancing minerals which not only improve your strength and stamina but also protects from the harmful effects of free radicals absorbed from junk food, alcohol and smoking. It is a 100% vegan and gluten-free product. It is 100% Vegan product and is free from preservatives and gluten. Golden Knight Stamina Powder helps to improve vigor and vitality. Golden Knight Powder does not have any side effects. Its a complete natural formula.


Ingredients of Touch prash:

Asgandh Nagori and Aqar Qarah. Safed Musli, Taal Makhana, Gokhru powder and Lajwanti. Loha bhasma, Triwang Bhasm and Mandoor bhasma. Kalonji, Jawetri, Maal Kagni, Dalchini and Jaifal. Bedana, Pumba Dana, Beej band, Kawachbeej. Suranjan, Sighadakhushk, Dhavda Gond and Azraki. Zanjabeel and Kali Moosli. Badam and Magze Kharbooja. Roomi Mastagi, Behman Surkh, Behman Sufed and Salab Punja, Qand Sufed, Tudari. Indian Ginseng: also called ashwagandha,

Ingredients of Pakiza Unani Golden Knight Capsules

• Ashwagandha • Safed Musli • Taal Makhana • Tulsi Seed • Suranjan Sweet • Balanga Seeds • Bartang Seeds • Gokhru powder • Lajwanti • Gond Babul • Abrakh Bhasma • Loha Bhasma • Mandur Bhasma • Trivang Bhasma • Vanga Bhasma • Salab Panja • Salab Mishri • Mastagi Roomi


May improve vigor and vitality.

Might strengthen nerves and may improve general debility.

Might control premature ejaculation


Touch Prash 10gm or one teaspoonful to be chewed with cold milk 2 hours before bedtime daily. Do not swallow or as directed by physician

Golden Knight Capsules Take 1 capsule once in a day with glass of Luke warm Milk or Water or as directed by Physician.


Do not over dosage the recommended dose.

Keep away from children’s reach.

Self medication is not recommended

Store in dry and cool place.

Close medicine cap tightly after every use

. Keep medicine in original package and container.





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