Active Double Stem Cell Powder 250gm Pack of 1

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Active Double Stem cell is an advanced formula, loaded with natural ingredients which are clinically proven increase circulating adult stem cells for an extended period of time.
Recent scientific studies suggest that adult stem cell rejuvenate and activate body cells raise energy and improve overall health and vitality.

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Malus Domestica (apple stem cell)
Vitis vinifera (grape stem cell
Polygonum multiflorum
Argan fruit
Acai berry
Astragali radix
Angelicae sinensis

Take 1 Spoon daily mix with plain water morning & evening. For better results please continue for 2-3 months regularly.

•Product is required to be store out of reach children
•Do not keep in direct sunlight.
•Do not use if seal is broken.
•Store in a cool and dry place.
*Not to exceed the recommended daily usage.
•Not for pregnant women.
•After consume your daily dosage. Keep bottle close tightly.



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