New Shama Jiyo Lemon Herbal Soap Pack of 4

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New Shama Lemon Herbal Soap has antibacterial and astringent properties it is good for acne, improve signs of aging on the skin, such as age spots. It can improve oily skin.

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Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine (Saundarya Prasadak)
Each 100g soap contains :
Lemon (Citrus aurantifolia P. Ext.), 10g, Daruhaldi
(Berberis aristata Ext. Pdr.) 0.5g, Kamal (Nelumbo
nucifera Fl. Pdr.) 2g, Glycerin 10g, Excipients Coconut Oil
13%, Castor Oil 2%, Hysteric acid 15%, PG 12%, Sodium
Hydroxide 5%, Sugar 5%, Perfume 0.2%
Toilet soap grade II, T.F.M. 72%
Protect from direct sun light keep in cool and dry place


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