Boro Plus 40ml Pack of 2

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A preventive, curative and healing. Ayurvedic ointment for dry skin diseases, cuts, scratches, minor burns, wounds, cold sores, chapped skin, furuncle, impetigo and intertrigo.

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Extracts of Hedychium
spicatum RZ./ RT., Santalum album – HT.
WD., Aloe barbadensis – LF. 1.50g each.,
Azadirachta indica – LE. 1.0g, Pavonia
odorata – RT. 0.50g, Ocimum sanctum –
WH.PL. 0.40g, Curcuma longa – RZ. 0.30g.
Nymphaea alba – FL., Acacia catechu – HI.
WD. 0.15g each., Crocus sativus :
STL./STG. 0.00005g. Jasad bhasma (Zinc
oxide) 2.50g, Tankan amla (Boric acid)
0.80g, Dugdha pashana (Talc) 7.0g.
DMDM Hivdantoin. Ointment vehicle q.s.


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