( Diabetes)

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GlucoMonitor is here to Control Diabetes Naturally!
Benefits of GlucoMonitor:

  • Increase insulin sensitivity of tissues & organs
  • Act as cardioprotective and immunomodulator
  • Repair and Rejunevate Pancreatic B cells
  • Energized body & Improve functioning.
  • 100 % Natural
  • No Side Effect
  • Sugar Free



Two capsules twice a day after food or as directed by physician.
We usually don’t recommend the patient to stop their existing allopathic medication . They can use this herbal formulation along with existing allopathic medicine after monitoring blood sugar level for 10-15 days they can slowly reduce the dosage of the existing allopathic medication they have been taking all these years and gradually can stop the allopathic medicine within a short period of time.

PACKING: 60 capsules

Safe, Steady & Systemic Diabetes Management 

It does not only regulates blood sugar level but also prevent oxidative damage

Scientifically proven & clinically tested.

Standardized Extracts of:

• Gudmar • Guggulu • Karella • Yasthimadhu • Shatavri • Bijasara



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( Diabetes)